About Me


I'm a mother of two who decided  to take a leap of faith to do something that I was passionate about even though it wasn't what I went to school for. Ever since I could remember  I have always found joy in being in the kitchen and entertaining, whether it be cooking or baking. 

My business idea came to me simply through the love of entertaining friends and family and having them rave about how wonderful and authentic my food and desserts were. While working as a cardiovascular nurse for over 12 years, I can remember making various dishes and bringing them into the office.  Just seeing the reaction on my colleagues faces when they would take that first bite (the gratification). This feeling is what motivated me to take a risk on doing what truly brought me a different sense of joy. I believe this is what sets Cakes by Miko's apart from any other bakery. The love is not only seen through the personal relationships that we build with our clients but in every bite that they take to every design that we create, it all says "LOVE'. We pride ourselves on using all quality and organic ingredients in our products regardless if it's our vegan, gluten-free or traditional products. Over the 6+ years of being in business here in Suwanee, we have built a community of extended family with our clients and memories for a lifetime.  

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